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Hyundai Motor Group

Seung-ha Kim


Through our partnership with AIMMO, we were able to improve the Robot Vision System. We requested various labeling tasks used in Robot Vision TAsk such as Bbox, Key Points, Segmentation and obtained satisfactory results for all tasks. In particular, we were able to secure high-quality labeling by additionally organizing the details through collaboration with the QA team rather than manually labeling the requested parts.

Cheongju University

Sung-wook Cho


We were very satisfied! Thanks to your considerate labeling, we were able to conveniently use it for research. The DB delivery institution was very satisfied as well. We are using it for target/environment recognition through the DB that AIMMO sent us. We are providing a deep learning/inference framework integrally to top institutions, and it has been very helpful in continuous service/consignment assignment orders due to great DB quality. We greatly appreciate it.


Yeong-joo Han


We asked AIMMO to label the data for medical videos. We were able to discuss in detail the necessary matters to produce data and to produce the data smoothly through close communication. The produced data will be used to develop various medical image processing algorithms that can help diagnose.


Daniel Oh


The dataset required for the algorithm for measuring offline data was a complex structure, and so advanced workers were needed. Therefore, the requested results of the dataset from AIMMO were provided with great satisfaction and were great to utilize!

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